But guys, I don’t get it. He said one thing and everyone is now saying that he’s an asshole that thinks he’s the shit? Well, newsflash. He is the shit. Don’t pretend like you don’t agree. We either love the Biebs or hate the Biebs but we all know who he is. Like, he’s got shit to be cocky about so can we just end it? You’ve got a point, he did somewhat insult Emblem3 and whatever the others, okay wow big deal. But then if you think about it, you’ve all started it not him? Even the shit between Wes and him, like I remember the Selena shit, how about you? I’m not trying to be mean, but please calm your tits because yes he’s got shit to be cocky about, he’s fucking Justin Bieber. He has got everything, a beautiful girlfriend, money, fame and music that’s addicting and almost always at the top of the charts. Obviously he’s going to be mean to Wes, because I don’t even know the whole story. Obviously he’s going to insult your other asses because you’ve insulted him in the first place? Let’s be mature, and think this through. If you can’t stand cockiness then that’s your problem not his. I’m done, bye.


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    You mean people who have an endless appetite and sleep all day? Yeah, sure.
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    Funny, I think more people like you need to exist.